What to do with a Selfie Photo

Selfie photo

Unless you have been living under a rock or in a barren desert you have seen selfie photographs. The term selfie first came about in 2005 as a way of describing a close up picture that an individual takes of themselves. A selfie is generally an informal photo that is taken with a digital camera, a smart phone or a Skype type computer camera. Many times the photographer will just hold the camera an arm’s length in front of their face and snap. Other more formal photos are taken by individuals standing in front of a mirror so that they can see their reflection. When you post a self-photo on the internet remember that it is open to the public.

Selfie photos are a relatively new social media phenomenon. Over million selfies are taken every day. People often post them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, MySpace or some other social media. For people that use the social media taking a selfie is almost a requirement. It is the best way to let contacts see who you are, and how you are doing.

Selfie photo idea – turn it in to jigsaw puzzle

One of the more interesting uses of a selfie is a personalized puzzle. A personal jigsaw puzzle is just as the name suggests a jigsaw puzzle with 35 pieces that must be assembled so that your complete selfie can be viewed. The process for getting a personal puzzle is easy. So, you simply submit a photo and select the template that you want your selfie set in.

Creating a loved one a personal puzzle is a way to make great keepsake and a lasting memory.

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