Promotional Jigsaw Puzzles

Promotional jigsaw puzzles

Create delightful promotional jigsaw puzzles!

Deliver your messages on a promotional jigsaw puzzle! Use your logos, pictures, designs, artworks and words. Promotional jigsaw puzzles measure 11 by 11 cm or 10 by 15 cm. Select a puzzle with 4, 6, 9 or 15 pieces. Puzzles will be packaged in a blank, white envelope. Buy promotional jigsaw puzzles starting only from 10 units.

Make promotional jigsaws, it is very easy. Just enter your desired quantity and upload your picture. Your event or product will be remembered for a long time, because of the unique nature of promo jigsaws. Increase the duration of impact with magnetic promotional jigsaw puzzles. Because of this people can put them on their fridge or other metallic surfaces. Help others to remember your special event, service or product. Announce your party or wedding in an unique way and surprise the recipient. Because, invitation made in form of jigsaw puzzle will be sure to be remembered. So the possibilities for promotion are endless. Get people’s attention with jigsaw puzzles.

Turn any of your photos in to puzzles!

Order as few as 10 units. So choose any amount you wish to order above 10 units. Promotional jigsaws are not restricted to just invitations. Accomplish exceptional results in business promotion because of the unique appearance. Grab your customer’s attention easily. So challenge him a little bit to see what you have to offer. Build an interest about your products or services. Seize your consumer interest when you stimulate them with promotional jigsaw puzzles, which inevitably increases interest in your goods or services. Glossy or matte finish is available for the puzzles.

Use promotional puzzles for your next event. So create unique postcards and invitations in form of a jigsaw puzzle!

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