Personalized Photo Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Turn your photos into personalized jigsaw puzzles to create unique presents

You can create a unique photo gifts: photo puzzles! Are you searching for a personalized present, then you are on the right site, look no further! Personalized jigsaw puzzles are excellent gifts for your children, friends, family, and colleagues. Creating a custom jigsaw puzzle, is easy. Because all you need to do is upload a digital image and our staff will produce a beautiful personalized jigsaw puzzle. Select one of your photos to create a personalized photo jigsaw puzzle! Choose from a broad range of difficulty as we can make puzzles from 15 to 2000 pieces.

Photo puzzles have come a long way

Technologies have evolved in the puzzle industry now you can create your personal photo puzzle, similar to the one you see in a toy store but using your chosen photo. You are also able to customize the size of your jigsaw puzzle with over 12 to choose from and you can also pick your level of difficulty. You do not even have to leave your home because you can place the order online.

Personalized photo puzzles have many benefits

If you love solving jigsaw puzzles, then you know part of the excitement and joy is being able to create a beautiful image after the puzzle had been completed. So choosing your images ensures that you always have exactly what you want. The photo can be a family photo, breathtaking scenery, pet or a photograph from your holiday, the choice is yours. Another reason to create a personalized jigsaw puzzle is if someone you know is having a birthday or any other special event. Personalized photo puzzles make magnificent gifts!

Order high-quality photo puzzle gifts, that will be shipped in a customized box with your chosen photo on the cover. Additionally, it can be sent to your home or a recipient’s address if it is a gift. Personalized jigsaw puzzles are also excellent for fundraisers! They work great for artists to promote their artwork in a unique way. Eco-friendly production method is used to create your jigsaw puzzle using waterproof colors. Puzzles are scent free, so there will be no allergic reactions, and they are safe for children to play with.

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