Photo Ideas

photo ideas

Today, many people have said that we live in what could be termed the golden age of photography. There fore we have some photo ideas for you. With the rise of the smartphone huge numbers of people have access to cameras every second of their lives. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram encouraging ever increasing sharing of photographs. Photos are being taken now are much more than at any time in history.

Finding things to take pictures of is easy when you have a camera permanently in your pocket. But there are also plenty of photography ideas to inspire a new take on the world around us. Even something as simple as using a piece of textured glass in front of the camera when taking pictures of flowers can create an oil painting effect and really make a photo stand out from the crowd. However, those photo ideas are only half the equation, whilst the majority of photos taken end up on social media.

So you have a picture that you love, clearly displaying it on the internet isn’t enough. For those extra special images you want to have a physical record. Simply a photo in a frame isn’t the only option here. Photographing ideas on displaying images have taken dramatic steps forward in tandem with the boom in photography itself, with many and varied options for displaying them in increasingly innovative ways.

Turn your photo ideas in to jigsaw puzzle

For a unique and interesting way to make use of photographs, we think our personalized photo puzzles are a great option. You as a customer can turn any photograph into a jigsaw puzzle, with a variety of sizes and anything from 15 to 2000 pieces, and function as both a fun use of a photo but also a great way to display and enjoy a memorable image.

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