How To Frame a Jigsaw Puzzle In 5 Easy Steps

How To Frame a Jigsaw Puzzle

You have been slaving over that jigsaw puzzle for weeks and finally it is done. So what do you do with it? It is taking up space on your dining room table and the kids are moaning. Frame it! We can show you how to frame a personalized jigsaw puzzle in 5 easy steps, so pull up a chair, grab a few essential items, listed below, and lets get framing!

What You Will Need:

    • Paper Glue
    • A Paint Brush
    • Crafting Board
    • A mat or felt piece of material
    • A Frame
    • A T-Square
    • A Utility or Craft Knife
    • Backing Board
    • Sealing paper

How to Frame a Jigsaw Puzzle in 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1 – Glue Your Jigsaw Puzzle Down

Glue your puzzle to a piece of board. The easiest way is to roll your jigsaw puzzle up in a mat (you can buy specific puzzle mats, but a stiffish mat or felt piece will do) Then unroll the puzzle upside down back onto a protected table. Paste the glue with the paintbrush, making sure you get the glue on each piece evenly. Place the board on the glued puzzle. Wait for the puzzle to dry then cut the board to fit.

STEP 2 – Measuring Your Frame

Measure your jigsaw puzzle or easier check the size on the puzzle box. Measure out a frame to fit around the puzzle. The frame needs to be slightly larger than the puzzle and allow for the back material (i.e. the border around the jigsaw puzzle – see step 3) Many crafting shops will put together a frame for you if you give them the right measurements.

STEP 3 – Fitting Your Backing Material

Every good picture needs a good backing material. This is the piece of board that sits behind the picture or puzzle. A good backing material can pop the puzzle in a special way. Choose a color that you can pull from the jigsaw puzzle itself.

STEP 4 – Fit Your Frame

Now that your jigsaw  puzzle has a backing board you are ready to frame it. Line up the 4 sides of your frame pieces around your jigsaw puzzle. Glue the backing board to the frame undersides.

STEP 5 – Stick on Your Sealing Paper

Use your sealing paper, which can be brown wrapping paper and seal it on the backside of your frame. Your jigsaw puzzle framing is done!

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