Custom puzzle made by you

custom jigsaw puzzle

There is a massive selection of jigsaw puzzle sizes, so that your custom puzzle can be made just for you, as you want it to be. Personalized jigsaw puzzle are about creativity and imagination. So you can create initial picture puzzles by providing distinctive sizes of custom jigsaw puzzle. All together we offer 12 different jigsaw puzzle sizes. Make a jigsaw with larger jigsaw puzzle pieces or with smaller pieces. Our custom jigsaw puzzle sizes are from 15 up to 2000 puzzle pieces. So you need to select which one you want and add your photo! Our clients have access to the most unique photo jigsaw puzzle sizes and our matchless quality finish for constructing their own personal photograph puzzle. A puzzle made by yourself is much more fun to solve than traditional jigsaw puzzle from your local store.

How to choose the right custom jigsaw size?

What’s your skill level, do you like to spend couple of hours or even days to solve jigsaw puzzle? Do you need an easy jigsaw puzzle with bigger pieces for your kid or perhaps a difficult one with thousands of pieces for jigsaw puzzle experts? Either variant you need or want to make, you can make your photo jigsaw puzzle! When choosing the puzzle size pay attention how difficult you want it to be. If you have an image which is black and white we suggest you to choose a puzzle with fewer pieces. However if you have a colorful image with a lot of details you can go with more pieces.

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