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Puzzle games

When hearing about puzzle games you instantly think of a classical jigsaw puzzle. This may not always be the case. Currently a lot of options for puzzle games exist. For example mobile apps, IQ test puzzles and crossword puzzles. While puzzle game apps are fun and something you can play and solve while you have some spare time, they do not give you the classical feeling of a jigsaw puzzle. Completing a level on an app will never give you the same satisfaction than a completed 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Crossword puzzles are also something you can solve in your spare time. However in most cases when the crossword puzzle is completed, it will be left at a shelf in the best-case scenario. Otherwise you will not consider it worthy of keeping a completed crossword puzzle. Puzzle games vary in different categories for different age groups, with different levels of complexity. Based on the level of complexity you can never determine in advance, how long will you stay engaged with each puzzle game.

While this is the case with most puzzle games, a classical jigsaw puzzle will give you a completely different experience. When you purchase a jigsaw puzzle you already have a feeling of holding something special in your hands. The presentation itself gives you the first bit of this experience – most manufactures offer a nice presentation of the jigsaw puzzle box. Furthermore, when the jigsaw puzzle game is assembled, you have a good feeling of an achievement – you can see the result of your effort and time. You can leave the assembled puzzle on your table top for others to see your puzzle skill or you can frame the jigsaw and hang it on your wall for other to see. In this case the puzzle game serves as an artwork, especially if you have purchased and completed a custom-made puzzle.

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