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Promotional jigsaw puzzles

Are you looking for great ideas how to showcase your product or service? You have found the right products – custom made promotional jigsaw puzzles. These promo puzzles are great for marketing and advertising purposes. Because, these jigsaws are small you can give them out or mail them out to your potential customers.

Other uses of promotional jigsaw puzzles

Promotional jigsaw puzzles can also be used as invitations or greeting cards. With these jigsaw puzzles you can make your event stand out. Once the recipient will receive an invitation in form of a jigsaw puzzle, he will be surprised. You can add your own image, design or text to be printed as a jigsaw puzzle. Also, you can use promotional jigsaws as thank you cards. Promo puzzles can be easily mailed to anyone as they fit in to a regular envelope.

Jigsaw puzzles over regular prints

We have seen a lot of advertising materials printed as flyers. However, jigsaw puzzles will leave much bigger impact. As when the person is solving a jigsaw puzzle, he puts his attention on the image what is printed on the jigsaw puzzle. Therefore, we believe that promotional jigsaw puzzles will have a bigger impact on your advertising campaign.

Different sizes of promo puzzles

Promotional jigsaw can be made with 4 different piece counts in two different sizes. Create a rectangular jigsaw puzzles with 15 or 6 pieces. Or you can make square jigsaw puzzles with 9 or 4 puzzle pieces. These jigsaw puzzles will be printed with your own photos, design or artwork. Each jigsaw puzzle will be placed in a white envelope. So, you can easily give or send them out to the recipients.

Create personalized puzzles to stand out, leaving a meaningful impact on the person who receives the jigsaw puzzle.