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Photo collage jigsaw puzzles

Photo collage jigsaw puzzle is a custom made personalized jigsaw that features multiple photos of your choice. This is great alternative to traditional and personalized puzzles. Photo collage puzzles can be order in different sizes and piece amounts. They start with as low as 15 pieces and go up to 2000 puzzle pieces.

Choose a template for your photo collage puzzle

When ordering your photo collage jigsaw you can choose the template. There are over 100 templates with different background options. You will be able to add 7 photos of your choice.

Make the most personalized gift

Photo collage jigsaw puzzles make great gifts. So, surprise your loved ones or colleagues with an unique photo gift. You can combine multiple photos of your choice to make the most personalized photo gift.

It is easy to make a photo collage

Using online editor with a built in template makes it easy to design the photo collage. You need to select jigsaw puzzle size and then simply select a puzzle template with a background that suites your images. Once you have done that you can upload 7 photos of your choice.

Tips for making photo collage jigsaw

Combine pictures from important events of your life. For example, you can choose photos from you recent vacation or birthday party. You can also add a text message on to the photo collage to make it even more personal.

Photo collage jigsaw puzzle will be made just like any traditional jigsaw puzzle. Puzzle pieces will be placed in a puzzle box. On the lid of the box you will have your photo collage print. This print can be used as lead image when the jigsaw puzzle is being solved.

So, if you wish to create something special and unique consider making one of the below photo collage jigsaw puzzles.