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Best 12 custom jigsaw puzzles

You are not limited to only ordering traditional jigsaw puzzles with stock photos. We have sourced the best 12 jigsaw puzzles that you can customize with your own photo. Usually these custom puzzles are ordered as photo gifts. Also, you can get one for yourself, as these are much more fun to solve than traditional jigsaw puzzles.

Differences between traditional and custom jigsaw puzzles

There isn’t a lot of differences between traditional and custom puzzles. As it is possible to order a photo puzzle even with 500 and 1000 puzzle pieces. These are the most popular sizes among traditional jigsaw puzzles as well as personalized. For those who wish to challenge themselves it is possible to make even 2000 piece photo puzzle.

Materials that are used for custom puzzles are the same for traditional jigsaws. High quality photo puzzle is made to the same standards as traditional jigsaws from the leading puzzle manufacturing brands. Photo puzzles are made of special, blue, jigsaw puzzle cardboard on to which the image is glued on. A coating material is applied to the image as this protects the print from scratches and wears.

Custom jigsaw puzzles the same as traditional jigsaws come in a box that has the image printed on the lid. Therefore this image can be used as lead when the jigsaw puzzle is being put together.

So, the only difference between custom jigsaws and traditional jigsaws is that you can choose your own photo. This makes the jigsaw puzzle solving process much more fun! You can use any of your digital images to be printed on to jigsaw puzzle.

Different puzzle sizes

You are not limited to only selecting the photo for the puzzle, but you can also choose the piece amount. We have selected the best custom jigsaws ranging from 15 up to 2000 puzzle pieces. Jigsaw puzzles with less pieces will work great from kids. They are also great for team building activities. Puzzles with more pieces such as 500, 1000 and 2000 puzzle pieces are perfect for those who are in to solving jigsaw puzzles.

So, if you are looking for a perfect personalized jigsaw consider one of the below offered puzzles.