Best practices to make a photo puzzle

Make a photo puzzle

Did you know, that you can make a jigsaw puzzle form your own photo? Nowadays it is possible to make a  picture puzzle over the web and get it delivered to your front door in a couple of days. You upload your own photo, select the jigsaw puzzle size and place your order. After your order is received, we turn it in to a picture puzzle.

To make a high quality photo puzzle that can be solved your self or more importantly given as a gift, we must do our work properly. But also you must supply us with a high resolution image that will be suitable for your desired jigsaw puzzle size. There is a special page “sizes and prices” where you can see all jigsaw puzzle sizes that you can make, as well as what image resolution is suitable for each given jigsaw puzzle size.

Make a personalized photo jigsaw puzzle

Images which are downloaded from web, for example pictures from Facebook usually are not suitable for photo puzzles. The idea behind this is that websites to load faster compress the images to smaller sizes. Therefore they are not suitable for print anymore. The solution for this is to find the original file, from your or your friends photo camera.

Also images which are taken from old mobile phones usually are not suitable for puzzles. However if your photo is taken with a smart phone it should be good enough for a picture puzzle.

So if you want to make a quality personalized puzzle, be careful from where you take your picture. It will make the jigsaw puzzle much more enjoyable.

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